Other Services

MMSI® offers these additional services:

  1. Data center audits and inventories, including discovery, physical hand held scanning,
    and device labeling
  2. Tape Library audits and inventories
  3. Crating for sensitive equipment
  4. Racking relocation, de-installs and installations
  5. Automated tape library (ATL, SILO, etc) knockdown & installations
  6. Arrange transportation needs for climate controlled ground and air transportation for
    media and OEM equipment
  7. Sensitive equipment moves
  8. Rack-to-rack planning and execution of tape library migrations
  9. Seamless moves for all IT resources
  10. Provide charter jet freighter service for time sensitive mock and hot shipments
  11. Arrange passenger and equipment charters for disaster exercises
  12. Provide logistics for disaster recovery tests
  13. Multiple and customizable security levels for the movement of all data center related
    equipment and media
  14. Resources for "swing gear" as well as replacement inventory of spare parts in case of
    post move equipment failure
  15. Ability to provide a non-intrusive duplication of your environment on the swing gear or
    new equipment your data will reside on
  16. Design and build resources, other infrastructure resources (cabling, integration, power backup and cleaning, ask for specific needs)
  17. International Capabilities for all these services

What sets MMSI® apart from the competition?

  1. On-site Project Manager directs the entire project, site to site, end to end
  2. We use our custom designed secure containers for transport of media
  3. Staff is radio and cellular equipped personnel for pre-arranged check-ins and progress reports
  4. Use unmarked transportation vehicles
  5. Domestic and international service expertise
  6. Better estimates and more accurate time lines
  7. Personalized service.  A real "family feel" operation
  8. Easier to deal with, no bureaucracy
  9. Continuous 24 x7 monitoring of all segments of your door-to-door move
  10. This is all we do. We are not a moving company, not an off-site storage company
  11. MMSI® staff onsite to handle all packing of media, de-re-install all racked equipment.
    We never use third party services for this.

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