Company History

MMSI® became an idea in the late 1980s when Wilfred (Bill) Johnson was asked by a large department store conglomerate to move their backup tapes from coast to coast in the most expedient way. Bill pulled off the unimaginable and succeeded at delivering the tapes on time.   As technology advanced, clients asked Bill to provide transportation for their IT equipment, particularly the media holding their valuable live data.  As MMSI® supplied this service, they discovered a market for its newfound skills.  As the advance of technology continued, MMSI’s® clients asked for more services in regards to their IT equipment, including relocations of the entire data center. Then in 1995, Bill asked his son, Kirk Johnson to assist and the company was formed. Kirk brought in vast experience in the international aspects of relocations so the business expanded to include international services. Lori Jump was added to bring her extensive experience in international transportation to the company.

With its history in the transportation field, MMSI® has always had strength in the relocation of datacenter equipment and infrastructure.  Over the years, MMSI® has become adept in all aspects of IT asset management, from purchase to disposal. 
MMSI® has become successful by providing services such as asset tracking and
control, data migrations and conversions, data center asset relocations, and media
and equipment destruction.

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