Data Center Relocation

MMSI® provides solutions for data center relocations, consolidations, and reconfigurations including supplying all of the necessary transportation, labor, and on-site management for a seamless data center move. Our highly trained staff will handle the relocation with care and expertise anywhere in the world, regardless of the media or equipment. MMSI® has pioneered special techniques for fast and safe relocations including constant monitoring, on-site management, climate control, and the security of couriers traveling with the shipment at all times. Our services also include on-site media and disk destruction, equipment and tape scanning and auditing, and bonded courier tape delivery services.

MMSI® offers the full complement of data center relocation services internationally. These services may be broken down as follows:

  • Move management
  • Security
  • Insurance
  • Data center auditing
  • Machine labeling
  • Machine deinstall
  • Transportation (ground & air)
  • Machine reinstall

In addition, MMSI® has the ability to work with and coordinate the interaction of various technical staff (customer and OEM) required during the move by the client. This is the “bread and butter” of MMSI’s® business, and should be regarded as the main mission of MMSI®.


Data center relocation may also require the movement of other infrastructure such as racks, operator consoles, floor tiles, cabinets, and other items. MMSI® is capable of moving these items as well, and may even help with layout, disassembly and reassembly, modification, and disposal of these items.

Additionally, MMSI® may be able (through the subcontracting of appropriate skill sets) to help with migration of data, swing gear, data center design, build, and remodel of existing facilities.

If you are looking for fast and safe relocation of your data center, click here to request relocation information.

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